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Your imagination is our Creation

Welcome to Virgin Tattoo Company, where we combine the art of tattooing with the latest technology to provide our customers with an exceptional experience. We are proud to incorporate AI into our services to help create custom designs, provide digital previews, and improve the overall customer experience.

Our AI technology allows us to analyze different design elements, such as colors, shapes, and sizes, to create unique and personalized tattoo designs based on the customer's preferences. We can also generate a digital preview of the tattoo on the customer's body, so they can see what the tattoo will look like before getting inked.

Our technology can also help determine the best placement for the tattoo on the customer's body based on their skin texture, contours, and dimensions. This ensures that the tattoo looks its best and is in a location that the customer is happy with.

We also use AI to assist with customer management, such as scheduling appointments, sending appointment reminders, and managing customer information. This helps to streamline the process and improve the overall customer experience.

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